Process Industries

With our long experience in plant design, layout, piping and P&ID in various industries we can assist you with both new developments and reengineering. We have experience with anything from minor pipe labeling done accordingly to valid standards to development of a completely new production plant. For larger projects we can project manage and outsource tasks to our office in India to minimize delivery time and increase cost efficiency.

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Product Development


We have long experience of managing, setting up and working in CAD with associated PDM systems.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

We can perform calculations and simulations in most of the available software’s and in all phases during product development.

Quality, Certification and Regulations

We always deliver the best available solution and ensure that the newly developed components comply with local or international regulations.

Structural Dynamic Simulation

Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

Farming Equipment

We have designed multipurpose farming tanks, integrated and automatize feeding systems. We can also assist you with troubleshooting, training, support and design. Contact us for any questions related to fish farming equipment.

IoT Automated Measuring Devices

Our series of automated measuring devices are designed to be stable, cost efficient and easy to operate. With our simple web interface, you can access your measurement data with real-time alarms on any device.

Water Treatment

We have expertise on all fields of water treatment design, i.e. mechanical, biological and chemical water treatment.

Dimensioning and Capacity Calculations

Dimensioning, capacity- / hydrodynamic calculations, and optimizations are the factors to succeed with any RAS facility and we would gladly help you to improve yours.

We are the best RAS Egineering company available
Profitability and ROIC Calculations

A good balance between costs and income is required to succeed. By doing CAPEX and OPEX analyzes in different phases, you can find a fact-based, data-driven sustainable and stable strategy for your business. Contact us for help.

Planning and Operations

Recycling aquaculture system is a system that includes various tasks such as technical troubleshooting, logistics, maintenance of sensitive equipment, handling and harvesting of fish, processing, etc. Through careful operational planning, the entire system can be managed in a predictable and organized way, with less stress and maximized profit. Contact us for more information.

Consulting Services

Our consultants are continuously hired by our customers as advisors, support or extra staff. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of extra staff.


Lab & Analytics

Our chemical engineers and specialists are experts on analysis, measurements and experimental design which your organization surely can benefit from.


We are able to support all pharma related development across multiple disciplines.

Life Science

Our specialists and engineers can help you to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve time to market for your products.

Risk Assessment

Our experts can assist you with multiple types of risk assessments. Both leading, preparing, following-up/closing and training. Design review, HAZOP, HAZID, FMEA, HACCP and more.


We can perform both simple and advanced FEA and CFD calculations on most most of the components, such as vessels, pipes, beams, etc.

Plant Design

We have consultants with long experience in plant design in various industries who can assist you with your new plant.


We are working with and developing cloud- /API based measurement devices for controlling and big data processing.

Water Treatment

We have expertise on all fields of water treatment design, i.e. mechanical, biological and chemical water treatment.